3PL/4PL Services
A third-party logistics (3PL/4PL) firm is an external supplier that performs all or part of the company's logistics functions.
We offer customized and flexible solutions for warehousing and Inventory management based on JIT and FIFO.
We offer tailor made transportation services like FTL, PTL, open vehicles, closed vehicles and refrigrated vehicles.
Logistics Consultancy
We offer supply chain solutions in designing and implementing new projects and re-design existing logistics functions.

Our Clients

Welcome To Sangkaj Logisys

Sangkaj Logisys Pvt. Ltd. offers end-to-end integrated logistics services which include warehouse management, 3PL/4PL, distribution management, inventory management, critical inventory logistics, transportation, network design/ consultancy and a host of value added services.

An expert in the field with an experience of about 25 years in the SCM industry we are pioneers of many concepts in East India.

We understand the importance of logistics in your business and strive to help you achieve success through our integrated services and solutions by maintaining high quality standards.